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Our patented products are purpose designed for a number of event specific needs


The DualTune can feature up to eight channels of unique audio (think radio, tv, foreign language feed, live betting content, etc.) and features an FM tuner for use post event. 

This unit is used most often by clients who want to provide fans a choice in what they listen to in venue. 



The DoubleTune is our newest offering and has been a big hit. We can program up to eight frequencies in this unit and the audio is delivered via noise isolating ear buds. 

This product is used most often at major golf events, media centers, and in the conference space. 


We usually run existing network content live on-site, but we can also produce killer content ourselves if you prefer. The entire show is branded for our customers and we aren't bound by strict network timing. We love creating content and can surely do it for you.



These come free with every event we work. Our team works hard to ensure your event is a huge success and we have a ton of fun in the process. We guarantee we will bring you a smile or two to reduce the stress of live events!

*Terrible Dad jokes may make an appearance but we will do our best to keep them to a minimum. 



The OneTune is pre-tuned to one, event specific, channel and is a branded keepsake post event. 

This product is most popular in marketing activations where our clients will be distributing tens of thousands of units to fans on-site. 

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